Tips and Tricks to Looking, And Feeling, Your Best In Photos

So, you’re engaged!  You have that glint in your eye when your fiancé glances your way, and snuggling up comes naturally when you think about your future together. Now is one of the best times in your love story to capture.  We know that for some couples though getting behind the camera can be a little scary.  That’s why we’ve put together a bunch of tips from former brides to help you enjoy your engagement and wedding photos.

  • Trust the process.  It’s your photographer’s job to know what angles, and poses, will look most natural for you and your fiancé.  Many times you’ll be in positions you haven’t been in before in order to get the most beautiful photos. Nervous about how you look?  Ask to see some images as you go and feel free to point out anything you aren’t happy with.


  • Be you.  If you haven’t worn heels since your high school prom, probably best to stick with flats.  The most comfortable you are the happier you’ll look in your photos.


  • Consider what locations represent you as a couple.  Did you get engaged seaside?  Have a favorite picnic spot?  Incorporate it into your engagement photos for a truly personal touch.

  • Opt for at least one classic look that will stand the test of time.  Trendy looks can be fun, but you want to ensure these photos can be posted (and envied) for generations to come.


  • Plan on a one hour session.  If you want specific lighting conditions discuss that with your photographer to choose the best time of day.


  • Choose neutral and complimentary clothing colors.

  • Don’t worry about your partner’s enthusiasm level.  Trust that your photographer will be able to elicit emotion into your photos.


  • Consider including all members of your family – especially the furry ones – for a portion of your engagement pictures.


  • Laugh. Hug. Play. Snuggle. Touch. Kiss