Meet the Team

Our Philosophy

When Green Apple Photography started in 2013 it was a simple passion project designed to keep Christora's creativity and joy flowing. What it has become is beyond her wildest dreams.

Grateful does not begin to describe how she feel every time she looks at the people who have come on board the past seven years. Vetted through an intense training program, each of them are an integral part of making your day perfect.

We believe that love is the best thing we can do. We believe that preparation is key. We believe that tears of joy, moments of exhilaration, and hidden emotions are what make your big day unique. Capturing those forevermore is our speciality.

Your love is what drives us forward, brings us to our knees with gratitude, and makes us who we are today.

Thank you for sharing your love with us. It is truly an honor to be a part of your day.

Christora Osters

Owner / Lead Photographer

Kendall, Social Media Manager / Photographer

Animal lover, travel junkie, beachbody coach, FRIENDS addict, photographer :)

Small town heart, big city dreams. Full of wanderlust, always on the go, but family always brings me back home.

There's nothing like capturing the joy on someone's face when they're in the middle of a lifetime accomplishment or joy filled moment Be it the happy tears of a groom, or the excitement of a senior throwing up their graduation cap, frozen moments are why photography matters.

I picked up my first camera when I was just 9; who knew that it would lead me to rarely setting it down. Regardless of the destination, behind the lens in my favorite location.

Chris, Associate Photographer

Hey everyone!  I’m Chris, co-owner of Green Apple Photography and spouse of lead photographer Christora.  I got into photography because of the passion I saw Christora find while taking photos.  It turns out I have that same passion too! I really enjoy making sure the day runs smoothly and helping in any way that I can to make your day memorable.

When I’m not shooting, I like to travel, play golf, taste bourbon and be an all around physics nerd.  People say I have a voice for radio...so I'm also a trivia MC at a local bar.   I am a lover of all things science and technology and strive to try new things in my work. I love problem solving and puzzles, so don't be surprised if you find that Rubiks Cube you've had laying around solved after your big day.

Tre Dasher, Videographer

A firefighter, a son, a brother, an adventurer, a conqueror of challenge. All of these attribute to the man I am today and how I perceive the world around me.

My philosophy is that every story is beautiful and deserves to be told. I believe in this because I see the beauty in people, and especially in love.

I live for the space between, the creep of a smile that becomes laughter, the small tear of joy streaming down your spouse's face as they see you for the first time... All of it makes up your story. And it's my job, and honor, to capture it.

We get one life, and the best thing we can do is love and be loved. With your help, we'll create something incredible and awe-inspiring to be shared and remembered for years to come.

Dereck, Associate Photographer

Josh, Second Photographer

Why am I a Photographer?  For me, my “why” has always been people focused.  My goal in life is to make a positive impact in the lives of the people I’m around every day.  I love the fact that I am blessed to spend my time with soon to be brides and grooms.  It's a huge honor and blessing!

When I’m not behind the lens of a camera, my time is spent with my wife and kiddos.  Sabrina and I have four girls ranging from 18 to three.  So, as you can imagine, our lives are busy, fun, and exciting all rolled up into one beautiful package!  I thank God all of the time for the family He has blessed me with:)

Hey! I'm Josh. My love for weddings goes way beyond the photos I take. I genuinely find joy in seeing others wed, and committing their love for someone for the rest of their lives. I find joy in the happy tears, the laughs, and the overwhelming feeling of love.

Apart from photography, I enjoy film critiquing, traveling, and a good thrift store peruse. Most importantly, I love snuggling my rescue dog, Leo!

Sadly, I am a dad joke connoisseur and a nerd for vintage cameras and film. I'm obsessed with 80's music and fashion (minus the big hair fad). I'm also a major sports fan who loves a good debate!

Sloan, Assistant

Donnie, Assistant

Laken, Assistant

Hello, I'm Sloan! For me, wedding day magic is a one of a kind thrill, unique to each couple that creates it.

Your big day is the beginning of a new chapter in your lives, and I love being a part of the team that captures that magical story as it unfolds.

The narrative aspect of photography is what drew me here, and that love of storytelling continues in my hobbies: theatre, reading, and watching everything Netflix has to offer. When I'm binge watching the latest true crime docs, I've usually got one of my four pets cuddled up in my lap.

I ALWAYS want to see pictures of your fur babies, you don't even have to ask!

I love meeting new people and helping brighten their day in whatever way I can. Usually by setting up lighting equipment. ;)

Hey-o, I'm Laken! I love the way weddings make you feel. There’s something about the outpouring of love that makes a wedding magical… you can just feel the energy of hope, joy, and the future hanging in the atmosphere.

Elegant and beautiful, I love how intimate they can be. People laugh until they cry, dance until their feet hurt and raise a glass in support of the two people who are making the word just a little bit better by sharing their love.

Being a part of the weddings fills my cup and brings me a joy that's inexplicable. I never feel more deeply what being human means than when I’m at a wedding.

In my free time, I rewatch Gilmore Girls on loop & make all-natural bath products. I drink at least one cup of coffee a day, preferably two, so don’t be surprised if I show up with a travel mug and maybe even some java for you as well 

Hi, my name's Donnie! After 38 years spent as a news photographer for WHAS, I decided to retire. But being the person I am, I couldn’t stay still for too long.

My journey into the world of photography started when I spent time lighting sets for commercials. From there I moved to photographing world leaders and capturing history on film. Now I strive to help Green Apple capture some of the most celebrated moments of your life.

I believe that weddings are important mile markers in our stories. They signify love, growth, and togetherness. As such, weddings deserve to be preserved and documented with care and dedication.

Throughout my life, I have pursued the art of collecting passions. From riding motorcycles to crewing hot air balloon flights, I am always eager to learn and apply the knowledge I have to your most cherished events. I never shy away from a challenge.

No matter the request and no matter how strange, I’m here to do what it takes to make your big day spectacular.