Four Things Your Photographer Will Know That No One Else Will On The Big Day 

1. How To Bustle Your Dress

Remember how your seamstress explained that loop A matched up with the pink string and loop B with the purple and so on?  Yeah, neither will your bridesmaids.  But don’t worry, after more than 100 weddings, we’ve got you covered.  We’ve seen everything from single button bustles to various colored strings.  We’re always prepared for when things go awry; we bring a sewing kit with us, just in case 😉


2. How to Fasten Boutonnieres

We’re betting the last time you had to fix a boutonniere onto a significant other was prom, maybe?  Those pins can be brutal and it’s trés important not to stick the pin into the flowers causing the stem to compromise its strength.  Not to worry!  Most of the weddings we pin the fellas ourselves, taking away the stress, and pain, of accidentally sticking your guy.


3. How to Fix Rogue Hairstyles

Most hair and makeup happens early in the day, and, depending on weather circumstances, you could end up with flyaways or even a loose bobby pin here or there.  Not to fret!  We’re always prepared with an extra bobby pin and we will help put your hair back to perfection if need be.  We will also help with pinning your veil and unpinning your veil.


4. How to Help With Family Drama 

Your photographer will not only help you set up your family photos, but will also help you handle any issues that come up during the day amongst family. From rogue uncles, to members who think they are photographers to arguing exes, we’ve seen, and helped, with it all.  Making your family photo list is the best time to tell your photographer about any potential issues you might encounter.  Our goal is to know about your family dynamics, and do everything we can to help 🙂